Using Ultrasonic Spray Nozzles To Coat Drug-Eluting Stents

2015-10-06 01:42


Using Ultrasonic Spray Nozzles To Coat Drug-Eluting Stents

Polymer coatings containing drugs released over time are used to inhibit restenosis in bare-metal stents; however applying coatings to stents, which have intricate geometries, is challenging. Ultrasonic atomising spray nozzles can be effective in achieving continuous and uniform coatings. This article describes unique nozzle designs, the methodology and the results obtained.

H.L. Berger
Sono-Tek Corporation, Milton, New York, USA

An essential procedure

The implantation of stents into arteries using balloon angioplasty has become an accepted technique in the treatment of arterial disease, where constricted or partially blocked blood vessels are involved. Stents are typically laser-cut from metals such as stainless steel or nitinol. The size of a coronary stent is in the order of 1.5? mm in diameter and 15?0 mm in length. Brain stents are much smaller and leg stents are much larger. Once implanted at the site of an arterial lesion, a stent

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